2020 – The Year of Papa Nurgle – Part 2

2020 has thrown us all a curveball in the form of Covid-19. And it would appear that I was not spared. In hindsight, I am not surprised that I got sick. Before the lockdown, I used to use packed to the doors public transportation regularly, probably didn’t wash my hands as much as I should have, and I’ve never had the best of immune systems.

So here I was, still recovering. Not allowed to go to work.

2020 – The year of Papa Nurgle – Part 1

2020, a now infamous year in world history. For various reasons. It will end up in history books, medical studies, and no doubt eventually in cinema (if it hasn’t already). Also, I am sure grandparents will regale stories to their grandchildren about the year that people literally fought for toilet paper and Lysol. Hoarding them all.

From Lego to 40K

Standing on the precipice of 40 years old, I now have a long history of building smaller versions of much larger things. In my youth I spent a lot of time on my own for various reasons. So building things(or taking them apart) was always a good way to pass the time. And keep myself sane.