Table Ready: Alpha Legion Tactical Squad

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‘Infantry win firefights. Tanks win battles. Artillery win wars.’

– Adage of Imperial Guard Artillery Officers

I have a slightly different feeling on that adage, and would argue that ultimately logistics win wars.  But I’m a Logistician at heart and by trade so I’m partial in my own way.  And while armor and artillery can be huge force multipliers, ultimately infantry are one of the few assets that can take and hold any type of ground.  Nasty swamps?  Check.  Tight urban quarters?  Got it.  Mountainous regions?  Not a problem.  With the ability to move anywhere and the versatility to perform any action, infantry truly earn the title Queen of Battle.

Consequently with any wargame, infantry are numerous, fill those roles of taking and holding objectives, and really become the backbone of any list.  The Alpha Legion Tactical Squad I painted for ZM games are no exception.  I did these in my standard AL paint job that you can find here.  As of now they are a squad of fifteen Astartes armed with bolters and chain bayonets, with the sergeant rocking a power fist and bolt pistol.  The only other upgrade is a vexilla to help with wound totals at the end of melee and to help them rally faster if/when they get into a pinch.  Ultimately the goal is to bring them up to a full strength squad of twenty for those bigger games.

Over the next year I plan on building another twenty-man Tactical Squad with a similar loadout.  Only change I have planned is to build the sergeant with a power sword instead of a fist.  But for now that little project is on hold while I put together two, ten-man Despoiler Squads.  By the time this article is published, I’ll have at least one of the two squads fully table-ready with the other hot on its heels.  After my first couple games of Zone Mortalis I want to ensure I have a lot of different options available to me.  Now if GW would only release plastic Breachers… 

Until next time: Hydra Dominatus.

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