Table Ready: Darth Maul

Lord Maul Bunyan

Thought long gone, bested by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the battle of Naboo. Darth Maul, the deadly former apprentice of Darth Sidius would prove much harder to kill.

The Darth Maul kit comes with bits to create three different variations of the model. I chose this defensive pose because I really liked how it looked. Painting Maul was not too difficult. Seeing as he is wearing all black. Because of that I used a couple different shades of black, and a couple different accent colors here and there. His head and face proved to be much more difficult. I do not have good brush control, due to my shaky hands. So painting his black tattoos was not going well.

My first attempts saw him looking like he had a black beard. A friend joked that he looked like Mountain man “Rugged Darth Maul”. From there I laughed and dubbed my model Maul Bunyan and did a little more work on his face. I think it looks much better than before.

For his twin light saber I used a bright red base followed by a light white drybrush. Finally a red wash. I used the same red wash on Maul’s head and some of his black clothes.

A little side story. In high school I bought the Darth Maul action figure after Episode 1 was released. One night in a fit of boredom, I ended up using his light saber to gauge my ears in a friends bathroom(idle hands, amirite?).

So for a few weeks there, I was walking around with two pieces of his plastic light saber sicking out of my head. Until I got some proper plugs. Good times.

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