Table Ready: House Hawkshroud

Introduction and Lore

Years ago I remember reading Mechanicum from the Horus Heresy series and absolutely loving the Knight Households.  For me it was an untouched part of 40K lore.  I had never heard of huge walkers like that.  Sure, I’ve been around long enough in the game to hear stories about titan battles and had seen old pictures of conflicts in Epic, but this was a whole new piece for me.  So when the OG Paladin kit and rules dropped, I knew I needed to pick this up.

The OG Paladin that I picked up all those years ago.

As I read through the rules for the various Knight Houses, the one I kept going back to was Hawkshroud.  Not only was it an appealing color scheme (and something I’d never painted before), but I really enjoyed their lore.  Hailing from a storm-wracked world and constantly sending their Knights on crusades, to the point where they’re pretty much defenseless, they take their duty of supporting the Imperium and their allies very seriously.  Anyone that displays loyalty to them and the Imperium writ large, Hawkshroud will ride to their defense.  Even if that means the House is placed into less than ideal positions militarily.

Definitely my favorite of the three Knights I have: ‘Canticum Bellum’ or ‘War Song’ is my Knight Warden and piloted by my daughter, Lady Kathryn.  She rolls her eyes whenever I mention it, but I see that little smile when she walks away.

I also have a large soft spot in my heart for all things giant robot related.  Doesn’t matter if it’s a mech, a Knight, Gundams, whatever.  I really cut my teeth in the days of Battletech, so it makes sense that when Games Workshop combined 40K and giant robots that I’d make the leap.

Originally starting life as an AdMech model, I repurposed my Knight Magaera as a Knight Perceptor to give my Armigers a bit of support.

The current plan is to use these guys as part of an allied detachment in Horus Heresy, but may change at some point in the near future.  I’ve got three more Armigers built and primed, sitting ever so patiently on my paint bench.  Once those models are finished, I’ll roll them into a 3000 point army of their own, with maybe an allied detachment of Astartes or Mechanicum to fight alongside them.  What I’m really looking forward to is when we get rules for Knight Castellans.  I have one sitting in a box just begging to be built and painted.  Even without rules, I may need to get him finished if nothing more to say I have one ready to go.

A trio of Armiger Helverins ready to support their fellow Knights.

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