Table Top Role Playing Games are games that you play with a small group of people. The premise is that everyone sits on the top of a table and assumes the persona of a historical or fictional figure. Conversations are carried out until someone falls off of the table, the pizza arrives, or the table collapses. In the case of the latter example: If no one is injured a new table is sourced and the game resumes. If no suitable table can be found, its ‘game over’


I (Almost) Did a Thing

So, I have a problem. Well, let’s be honest, I have a minor yet broad collection of them, but for the sake of brevity for this article I will attempt to avoid most of them. The problem I want to discuss today is the nagging, gnawing sensation that exists in the back of my head when I am not creating.

The Bowels of El Diablo

Though I have not played any in quite some time. Role playing games helped me during a particularly troubled time in my life. And like many other people, my role playing game journey started with Dungeons & Dragons.
Satan’s game.

Dungeons And Dragons

I have always been hesitant to play Dungeons and Dragons. This is NOT because I was poisoned by the court of public opinion. I wasn’t worried that I would become some cliché caricature of a nerd complete with thick glasses and pocket protector.