Caltrops: Lego Star Wars AT-ST + Beskar Keychain(SWD 2022)

Star Wars Day 2022 Freebie’s

This year for Star Wars Day, Lego gave away cheap poly bag AT-ST’s(30495) with qualifying purchases. They actually had three freebies, so long as you met the requirements. I placed a rather large order as soon as the sale started on May 1st, as there was something that was releasing on that day as well that I wanted. But I did not meet the requirements for the Lars family homestead diorama. As you needed over $150 of Star Wars specific purchases to qualify. And, while I exceeded that price line, it wasn’t all Star Wars stuff. Oh well. I’m cool with that. That diorama doesn’t really speak to me.

The AT-ST is nothing to write home about. As I said, it’s cheap. Probably would retail for seven or eight bucks. It is also small(about 60 pieces) and quite goofy. AT-ST’s are goofy though. So, yeah. It’s a far cry from the much larger, more expensive, and better looking version that is available. But, hey! Free is free. And I had fun posing mine.

I put it in a kind of ‘bad dog’ style pose. Because I threw it together during intermission of an infuriating hockey game the other night. It did well to calm me down. For like, 10 minutes…

Hey! Stop right there! Did you track Rebel scum into the base again? Bad! Bad AT-ST!
No treats for you today.

Poor AT-ST…

For VIP members(VIP accounts are free BTW), orders exceeding $70 on Star Wars specific purchases received a Beskar keychain. As keychains go. It’s pretty nice. Solid and heavy. Makes a comforting metallic tone when struck by keys and whatnot. But the small ring attaching the chain to the Beskar needs to be closed with some pliers.

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