3D Printing

It’s like printing a picture. But instead of a picture, you think to yourself, “Man, I really need a holder for all 12 of my remote controls. But I totally do not want to go outside and buy one at a store”. So you make your own remote control holder using plastic that has been spun onto a spool and run into a machine with a micro forge on it that is only as smart as the code you give it.


Hobby Year In Review – 2021

2021 was disappointing for me, Well, in terms of hobbying. The rest of it wasn’t so bad. I failed at every one of the hobby goals I had set prior to the new year. And my output was abysmal compared to years past. I did get some good things done though.

2020 – The Year of Papa Nurgle – Part 4

We are well into June now. The end of June actually. My hobby rut has its grip on my throat. Tyson and I are still doing the Blackstone Fortress thing online occasionally.

At this point Covid-19 has been a part of the world’s vocabulary for half of a year. Insane. What’s even more so is, it’s still not looking like it will be ending anytime soon…