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All of these are true except for one:

Robert is: a Hobbyist, a Music Lover, an RPG Gamer, a Mustard Lover, Chaotic Neutral, a Japanese Speaker, a Veteran, an Otaku, a Table Tennis Player, an Anime Fan, an Aviation Professional, a New York Rangers Fan, a Chaos Lover With Loyalist Tendencies.

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A New England transplant that originated from parts westward, Ryan is a bit of a nerd that knows a little bit about a lot of things, all while claiming to know nothing about anything.  Seemingly part Khajit a logistician by trade, he’s the kind of guy that can get you virtually anything if there’s coin to be had a problem to solve.  Ryan began to learn the scrounging arts while serving time in parts east as a Loggie and has been perfecting them steadily over several decades.  He has a problem with continually purchasing models, paints, and terrain that he doesn’t really need but his wife doesn’t seem to mind.

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Obsessive and neurotic collector of little plastic men, novels about the same little plastic men and paints to make the little plastic men pretty. Married to Kera, who puts up with him and pretends that she doesn’t hear him speaking to the little plastic men in between making pew pew noises in the hobby room. Requires adult supervision. A menace to himself but rarely to others. More beard than man

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I live in rural New Hampshire with my wife, our son, two cats, two dogs, no more chickens because they all got eaten, too many fantasy books, some miniature models, and my wife says I have too many keyboards (only three). Small and steady hobby progress wins the race when you have a toddler.

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Dr. D

Dylan “Dr. D” Dyer is a Chiropractor by day, and an over-caffeinated miniature painting nerd by night. When he isn’t manically painting models in such a way that he never manages to finish painting an entire army, he can be found playing with his dogs, reading comic books, or helping with the few podcasts that find keeping him around useful. He runs the painting department of Fury’s Finest and writes painting guides for The Professional Casual Network. Sometimes he even manages to stumble onto their stream for games of MCP, where he makes generally terrible jokes and bad tactical decisions. The only known way to stop him from talking your ear off about stuff you couldn’t care about is to put food in front of him.

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Something of an expert on printing, kitbashing, and hunting for models to keep his beloved abandoned GW factions alive a little longer. Usually finds the bandwagon about 10 years after it left the station. Can usually be found repairing old cameras or rusty hoopties in his spare time. Voted most likely to ask “Can I use this soda-can carnifex?” at an official tournament.

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Awkward semi-girly geeky gamer. Often giggling while blowing up digital people in Fallout games. Curator of a large mammal, er, husband and enabler of model obsessions. Cute, but deadly. Less likely to injure people when fed chocolate, booze or both at the same time. 

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Quintus Pictus

Quintus Pictus, a native of the forge world Cipra Mundi, is a devoted servant of the Adeptus Administratum. As the officer primary and first manager of a section within the Scriptorium at the astropathic beacon “Lucerna,” he is responsible for decoding and preserving messages sent by Astropaths across the vast Imperium. Renowned for his keen mind, attention to detail, and unwavering loyalty, Quintus plays a crucial role in maintaining the unity of the Imperium. Despite the risks and darkness that accompany his duties, he remains humble and dedicated to his vital work.

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C.W. “Sarge” Kennedy is a weird, portly war veteran living in southeastern Massachusetts. He has some kind of degree from an accredited university but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his gaping maw as he tries to operate simple technological devices. Room temperature IQ aside, Sarge is a cohost of The Citizen’s Guide to the Supernormal podcast, collaborator on the YouTube Channel Sarge the Destroyer, obnoxious Tweeter known as @bastardprophet, and part-time Instagram train-wreck. If you like short stories with questionable grammar, you can buy two of them at Amazon. He has no other valuable qualities according to people who know him.

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Sean is a native dwarf, a long time transplant to the northeast, and has been playing with his favorite toys for 25 years now. Up for any game, any hobby challenge, Sean finds his joy in great gaming moments and epic campaign stories.

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Hello, I’m Steven, and I’m a plastic addict. I live in a small city and do graphic design, sign, and shirt work on the weekdays. I tend to spend a lot of my hobby time painting/making Warhammer or D&D mini stuff. Occasionally, I play video games as well. 

Instagram: @mindlesstelepathy

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