Table Ready: Bossk

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“Bossk, fire up Slave I.” – Boba Fett

While not the most well known bounty hunter in Star Wars(that goes to a guy in Mandalorian armor that got eaten by a hole in the ground). Bossk is an imposing and dangerous figure in the fiction. Our favorite Trandoshan (I can’t name another, honestly) was a mentor for Boba Fett, whom Bossk later fought alongside and against at various times. Turns out he was widely known for hunting Wookiees and had a bad attitude towards Han and Chewbacca, for obvious reasons.

Bossk painted up super-easy thanks to contrast paints. His outfit created many instances where the contrast paint did a lot of work for minimal efforts. I am thrilled with this model, especially since it took longer for the basing material to dry than it did to paint the rest of the model.

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