Table Ready

It is a vicious cycle. We go out and buy boxes of plastic models, and then relegate them to the far recesses of our storage spaces. In this series we showcase the models that have made it from, wrapped in plastic and still on sprues, to Table Ready.


Table Ready: Alpha Legion Flamer Support Squad

Need a light?  Did you know my favorite song is Light My Fire by The Doors?*  Uh…um…Smokin’…?  I know that last one was really reaching.  Sorry not sorry for the Dad level fire related jokes.  They say comedy comes in threes.  Ugh…just come in and take a look at the Alpha Legion Flamer Support Squad I painted.

Table Ready: House Hawkshroud

Hailing from the Knight World of Krastellan, the members of House Hawkshroud proudly march forth to aid those who have demonstrated loyalty and honor towards them in the past.  Let me take a few minutes to explain why I think House Hawkshroud is such a fantastic Knight Household.

Table Ready: Alpha Legion Despoiler Squad

While similar to their Tactical Squad brethren, the Despoiler Squad do take and hold ground but with a few tweaks. These guys trade their bolters for bolt pistols and chainswords, and want to get in your face as fast as possible. Come take a look at the Alpha Legion Despoiler Squad I painted to secure the Hydra’s interests.