Group Projects

Clay – Backlog Project Results

My backlog goal for January 2023 was simple: finish the half-finished squad of 20 Necron warriors and Chronomancer that had sat, primed, on my hobby desk for almost 6 months. I already knew the paint scheme. I had all the paints, basing materials, and base magnets. All that was needed was time spent painting at the hobby desk.

Ian – Backlog Project Results & 2023 Goals

May the Emperor forgive my idolence and sloth! I didn’t manage to achieve my goal for the month of January. Like going to the gym for a New Years resolution, I started out strong at the beginning of the month, and by the end was beginning to regret that paid-in-advance 6 month gym membership. 

But is this truly a failure?

Ryan – Project Update

Just like Mike and Sully working on the scare floor, Roz has been silently watching me paint over the past couple of weeks painting away for the community challenge. It might not be much or make her happy but at least I’m submitting my first round of paperwork on time.