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[The Backlog Project was a January 2023 Otherverse Games and Hobbies community project. As such, you may happen across references to Otherverse and see its logos. The goal of the project was to dig into our respective piles of “shame”, select some yet-to-be started/unfinished projects, and see how much we could knock out in one months time.]

Life. It’s That Simple

When I first proposed this month long community project, one of the things I wanted to highlight was the reality of it all. Everyone is different. The goal was to get through as many backlogged projects as possible in one month. Simple enough. But, in the end this is a hobby, right? It is extracurricular to the everyday lives we live. None of us, to the best of my knowledge, and as much as some like to think it[cough, Tyson], paint miniatures for a living. We all have jobs and personal circumstances that weigh, in varying degrees, on us all. There are some days in which one just cannot pick up a brush at all. Life, that day, was way too heavy. And that is perfectly okay. Again, this is a hobby. It is supposed to be fun. It is supposed to take occupy free time, when and if you have any.

Well, life showed up this month with a heaping pile of bullshit for me, right as I was starting my project. I was really excited to see how much I could power through. But I spent most of the month in varying states of being livid and having typed or verbal altercations of varying degree with quite a few people. There was a couple days that I actually sat down to paint, with the intention of taking my mind off of all this shit. But I was steaming. The amount of red that I was seeing made it impossible to tell what color paints I even owned. I couldn’t concentrate at all. And this has carried on for most of the month. Which is a pisser. But, that’s life. Shit gets in the way.

I did manage to knock out 17 models, and build quite a bit as well. Which I know what some may say, “Wow, good job!” or “That’s, like, 1/3 of your yearly total output for all of last year, in one month!” And I would agree with them! I am happy with my progress this month. And I am not complaining, per se, but I guess I kind of hyped myself up for this project. The reason is that I haven’t had much of a drive to paint with the goal of getting a lot done in a very long time. So it was a bit upsetting when I got this drive back and life stepped in with a big ole’, “Whoa there, champ! Let’s take a step back, right now time!”

But, like I said at the top, in this project I wanted to highlight the reality of this all. And here we are. This was my reality during our 2023 Backlog Project.

So What Did I Accomplish?


As I discussed in my mid month update, I actually got quite a fair bit of building done, early on. Building is my favorite part of the hobby. It really always has been since I was a child. I do enjoy painting, but putting stuff together, or kitbashing is my favorite.

I got the Yorktown put together in assemblies, all ready for priming. The aircraft are piled in a paper cup. My Marvel: Crisis Protocol minis, which were not planned for this month anyway, all went together swiftly and painlessly. They too sit ready for their first layer of paint.

The project leftovers

I also quickly threw together Operative Umbral-six, the Warhammer+ exclusive mini sent out as a Thank You for 1 year of forking money over to GW’s digital service. A service that I have used less than two times…


Victory At Sea: Battle For The Pacific Core Box Set

I have had this box set built and primed for a couple of years, I think. So I made it a priority and wanted to knock it out early in the Backlog Project. The subject matter of the game is something that I am very interested in. World War II. Particularly, the Pacific theater, which is the setting for this core box. I was able to knock these models out in a few days, or so. It feels good to have some more material for a Project Complete article. I would like to give the game itself a shot at some point too. There are also some more models I would like to pick up. Specifically the Japanese and US Navy’s fleet boxes.

Imperial Japanese Navy
US Navy

The next step would be a play-through or two to test the system. So I am going to familiarize myself with the rules and most likely bring this set up when I visit Tyson next. Following that, writing up a Project Complete piece on the box set.

Kitbashed Warpsmith

I threw together this model back in 2019 or 2020. The base model is the Daemonkin Master of Possession from the Shadowspear box that heralded the new line of Chaos Space Marine miniatures. I replaced its right arm/weapon with that of the original Forge World resin Warpsmith model. A model that I hated. It was just a jumble of screwed-up resin. I applied the tentacles from that model to the Daemonkin’s backpack, and cut one in half for battle damage. I also affixed one of the tentacles to where the left arm should be, which will be a counts-as pistol weapon of some sort. The result, as Tyson put it in a text message, was a daemonic/dark mechanicum type thing. Exactly what I was hoping for.

I really like this backpack. The actual base backpack. Prior to modding it.

Operative Umbral-six

I have never had the inclination to buy and assassin model, let along paint an assassin model. But this model is pretty badass. And it was “free”.* I think it is one of the more interesting models that GW has put out. Just in terms of the use of terrain. Sure other models may have terrain built into the design. It may be something they are standing on, or near. But this one is actually a sniper using the cover of a broken statue. Pretty cool. I painted this up in a couple of hours, and it was pretty fun.

*”Free“, right.

Tyson mentioned something that was pretty interesting, because we ended up working on this model on the same day. He said he thought it was interesting that we took the same model and went in two completely different directions. Which is quite true. I followed what I picture to be a more traditional assassin/sniper, dressed in all black. And a much darker theme all around for the whole setting. And Tyson went much more dynamic all around.

White Scars Bikes

I have a love/hate relationship with my White Scars. I really do. I love them and their lore. Jaghatai Khan is one of my favorite characters in the entire 30K/40K universe. But I absolutely hate to paint them. The entire prospect of painting them is a chore. But I do have a lot in-hand, and more by way of 3D printed models coming. Because I am a masochist. That said, I wanted to try to finish something else prior to the project window closing. And that was this squad of 5 bikes that I modded with MK IV armor.

I did not succeed. I only managed to get the first layer of red trim done on exactly one model. That’s it. The priming and black of the tires was done a couple years ago…

The fully painted model I painted a couple years ago. It’s here for template purposes.

What’s Ahead For Me In 2023?

The backlog work won’t stop now that January and the project is over. Now that I am not on a timetable, I can take the self-imposed pressure away and just hobby. I currently don’t have any purchases planned. Nor anything that peaks my interest on the horizon really, which is good. So I think I am going to try to concentrate on knocking my old stuff out this year. I am sure there will be some purchases in the coming months. But who knows?

In terms of what I would like to knock out this year, that list looks something like this[in no particular order and entirely not realistic]:

  • Paint the USS Yorktown
  • Paint my current batch of Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniatures.
  • Paint White Scars jetbikes (at least one squadron worth)
  • Paint one of my backlogged CreatureCaster models
  • Paint a different third party model from my backlog
  • Paint my backlogged Aeronautica Imperialis (Angels box and my added White Scars fleet)
  • Build and paint the World War III box set
  • Build and paint the Bolt Action: Island Assault set
Thhhhunderhaaawwwk! Fire Raptor….
I’ve been all about this World War III box ever since Ryan’s post

The Semi-unplanned For

I also have 2 or 3 Kickstarter games that were backed all the way back in 2021 coming to me this year. At least they are scheduled to arrive this year.

All of these are due this year, and the updates I am getting are looking good for a 2023 arrival. So I may get sidetracked with those. OR… these new games and their minis may make their way into my backlog…

Doomed to sit and wait for their turn…

It’s a vicious circle, isn’t it?


All of these are true except for one:

Robert is: a Hobbyist, a Music Lover, an RPG Gamer, a Mustard Lover, Chaotic Neutral, a Japanese Speaker, a Veteran, an Otaku, a Table Tennis Player, an Anime Fan, an Aviation Professional, a New York Rangers Fan, a Chaos Lover With Loyalist Tendencies.

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