Table Ready: Creature Caster Lady of Chaos

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I Like Khorne

Yes, I’ve heard all the jokes about the band, the flakes, and the vegetable, but Khorne is complex.  Plus Khorne is typically portrayed as a giant puppy.  Who doesn’t like giant (albeit super angry) puppies?  Not me, that’s for sure.  But we’ve all read the one-dimensional stories about the horde of blood-thirsty barbarians wrecking an army, or the singular character slaughtering untold numbers in single combat.  Khorne is more than that.  There’s a twisted sense of martial honor and worthiness that is inherent, where combatants seek to test their skills in the crucible of war or be found wanting.  And when combined with a level of intelligence to control, shape, and channel all that rage, we have something truly terrifying: a Bloodthirster of Khorne.

When I read Robert’s Queen of Ecstasy article I’ll admit that I had to shake my head in disagreement.  Why spend your life in hedonism and decadence when you can spend it in the thrill of combat, offering the skulls of fallen enemies to the Lord of Skulls?  I’ll never understand, but to each his own I suppose.  However I will say that the 36 hour underground club run in Miami junior year of college, surrounded by beautiful people and yayo as far as the eye can see was fun… 

Where was I again?  Oh yeah, my Bloodthirster. 

Similar to Robert,  when building my Khorne Daemon force I knew right away I wanted to use different models than what Games Workshop offered.  This was especially true of my Bloodthirster.  I wanted the model to be somewhat unassuming yet could snap a neck with such speed and brutality that anyone would quickly fall in line unquestioningly.  After searching around a little I settled for the Lady of Chaos from Creature Caster.  Standing with wings spread and axe in hand atop a pyre of souls, summoning Emperor knows what from the aether, she checked all the boxes immediately.  With my leader chosen I was ready for the rest of the warband to fall in place.

The model itself is pretty good quality, however I did run into a lot of required clean-up and gap filling during the build process.  This is my second model from Creature Caster, and I ran into similar issues with their Lord of Virulence model.  Regardless, I still sing their praises for quality.  They give you a great centerpiece model that strikes a good balance between design, quality, and affordability.  For paints, I used all GW colors.  I wanted to go with bronze armor (befitting of the Blood God), so this was a good opportunity to try a new technique.  For the pyre and flames I wanted something both quick and easy, with minimal effort.  With that in mind, I  used an all wash technique to achieve the desired effect.  For the base I repeated the tundra technique I’ve been using across both my other Khorne Daemons and their Primaris Marine ‘allies’.  Stay tuned for their eventual appearance at some point.  Overall, I was incredibly happy with how everything turned out and am ready for her to begin contributing tithes to the Skull Throne.

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