Table Ready: Karanak

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A Demon Bitch And It’s Pups

It is likely that if you are looking at this Plastic to Painted post, you are already aware of the Chaos God Khorne, the Blood God and Lord of Battles. You may be less aware that although Khorne loves bloodshed and death, be it the foes of his followers, or that of his worshipers, Khorne hates magic almost as much as he loves his collection of skulls. And he has a literal throne of skulls upon which he sits his godly ass.


Karanak is a hunting hound let loose to kill those that insult Khorne. I’m not sure how you insult a god that kills everything, other than living to fight another day. Stalking his prey through time and space, the vagaries of the warp allows Karanak to find his prey wherever and whenever they may be.

What is better than a unit of hellhounds dedicated to Khorne? Hellhounds that also wear brass collars that active work against magic. Enter the Flesh Hounds, Warhammers nasty answer the the basic hellhound of legend. These beasties hunt as a pack, and pounce on their prey as a group, using teeth and talons to rend the flesh and shed the blood of their victims for the Blood God they are issued from

These guys were amazing easy to paint up. Wait for it… Khorne red was used as a base color, see, see what I did there. Followed by a black wash and a drybrush of brighter red to add depth to the flesh quite easily. The fur and frilly neck flesh was painted black and dry brushed Mechanicus Standard Grey to get a good color, quickly.

One of the best parts about a Daemon (look how British that word is… silly…) Army in Warhammer is the fact that They work across multiple games. The Daemons work quite well in Warhammer 40k. Add a few mortals and they are a complete army for Age of Sigmar. We are even waiting on new rules for Daemons in Horus Heresy; The Agents of the Emperor book has already been announced, I imagine the following book will include new rules for Daemons.

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