Table Ready: Skullmaster

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What’s More Warhammer Than A Daemon Riding On The Back Of A Rhinoceros Daemon?

Nothing, That’s What!

Today we are looking at a Skullmaster, an HQ choice for a Khorne Daemon army. He masters said skulls from the back of a heavily armored Daemon mount referred to as a Juggernaut. Rampaging across a battlefield spilling blood to satisfy the needs of their dark God, a Skullmaster is always ready to lead heavy cavalry charge straight into their opponents.

Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!

With little to no interest in jumping into a Finecast kit, I used a generic bloodcrusher as a Skullmaster; He’s a bloodletter. Check. He’s riding a Juggernaut. Check. He’s standing up with his sword held high. Check, again. Seemed good enough to me.

Bloodcrushers have always been the epitome of Warhammer Daemons. I mean, it’s a daemon riding on an armored daemon bull-thing. When I started collecting Khorne Daemons to go along with my 40k Word Bearers, and soon to be World Eaters, I knew I needed a unit of these bastards. Now that their 9th ed. codex is out, I definitely see myself including some Daemon cavalry along with my Legionaries in a game.

The bloodletter halves of the models are painted practically the same as the Daemons in my Karanak post. The biggest difference here is that the Juggernauts were painted with Gal Vorbak red, same color that I have done my Word Bearers in.

I have a bad tendency to collect a bunch of models, paint a few of the important ones for an army, and then leave the rest in my pile of shame/awesome so they can hang out with eternity, for, well, an eternity. I made an attempt to break the mold here: I refused to buy a Bloodthirster until I had every Khorne Daemon I owned painted up. Bloodletters. Check. Bloodcrushers. Check. Flesh Hounds. Check. event the weird chariot/cannon thing is painted up. And now there is a Bloodthirster primed and ready to be painted.

It goes without saying: Blood for the Blood God, Skulls for the Skull Throne!

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