Table Ready: High Chaplain Erebus

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It’s all his fuckin’ fault! Well… Mostly anyway…

Last month we brought forth the terrible father figure, turned first Captain of the Word Bearers, Kor Phaeron. For this article, we bring you the dirtbag that started the whole Horus Heresy in motion. Erebus. Feel free to throw rotten fruit. Also known as the Dark Apostle, High Chaplain Erebus is an influential Astartes that has the ear of Warmaster and used that fact to manipulate Horus into a trap of sorts.

Funny story: My long-time Warhammer opponent Cliff (I am talking since the very start of 3rd ed 40k) got me the package containing Kor Phaeron and Erebus for Christmas. When presenting the gift to me, I was informed that it was as much for him as it was for me. Confused, I opened the package to find the named characters to add to my Word Bearer’s army.

He said: “now I can kill Erebus every time we play.” How thoughtful. I laughed. A lot.

And who doesn’t want to gut this little worm? I know I do; (Spoiler Alert!) I cannot forgive him for stabbing Argel Tal in the back. In the fucking back like the rat fuck he is… But, I digress.

The model is spectacular. The sculpted pose is quite fitting for the High Chaplain and the detail is exquisite. There is so much detail that had to get the magnifying glass out to see the little worshipful skeletons and other details in his armor. I don’t know how the GW painters managed to get all that detail, but I did the best that I could and I am happy with the results.

Especially since I might be rooting for him to meet his demise when I field him on the battlefield as well.

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