Table Ready: Adeptus Mechanicus Forgeworld Coventry

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I’ve grown up with a love of all things mechanical, especially robots and cybernetic enhancements.  At one point in my life I wanted to go to school to learn bio-engineering and cybernetics, hoping to one day be able to help people recover from physical trauma.  Like it did for me, life sometimes takes you in a wildly different direction than what you’d like it to.  Although I never studied bio-engineering the dream has still remained alive and well with me, and I’ve enjoyed being adjacent to the subject through books, video games, and miniatures.  I like learning about characters like Cyborg in DC comics, and factions like the Adeptus Mechanicus in 40K and the Cybertronic Corporation in the Doomtrooper Universe.  When I saw Games Workshop releasing the AdMech factions years ago I knew I had to jump on it.  And with that I created Forgeworld Coventry.

One of two Tech Priest Dominae for my Forgeworld.

Coventry is a world that is located in the galactic west, several hundred light years away from Terra.  The world produces armaments, highly trained Astra Militarum regiments (specifically Scion regiments), and supports small AdMech expeditionary fleets.

Necro priestess I picked up from Raging Heroes that I use as my second Dominus.

The colors I chose were orange and grey, with white and red accents on the Mechanicus cogs.  I went with a slightly weathered look on all of the models and based everything in Astrogranite to represent an urban environment.

As of now it’s a small force to represent Coventry but I’m looking to expand it over time.  I still have a few units to build and paint, but overall I’m happy with the progress being made.

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