Table Ready: Salamanders Captain in Gravis Armor

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What’s tougher than a Salamander? A Salamander in big armor!

While the Imperium of Man is opposed to the corrupting power of Chaos in the Warhammer 40000 setting, one could not be faulted for refusing to refer to the Imperium as the “Good Guys”. Honestly, it would be laughable. Yet, The Salamanders Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes would certainly be the closest thing to it, if one went looking.

Taken during their youth from the Death Planet of Nocturne, the Salamanders are known for their toughness as well as their respect for the common people, never losing sight of whom they constantly wage war to protect.

This Salamander Captain in Gravis armor was primed in grey, airbrushed Caliban Green and then liberally zenithal highlighted with Warpstone Glow to get the salamander color with natural shading. Then I did edge highlights, mostly on top edges with moot green to look like they were catching the sun. I should have done some OSL with the flames from the fire down his arm and on the edges of the gold on his shoulder pad. Maybe I will some day when I work on more of these guys. Speaking of the sword, I eBay’ed an old Warhammer kit, and just used the flaming sword; lucky for me it was fairly cheap because I think it works great on this model.

Burn, Baby, Burn!

I have more 40K Salamanders and some Salamanders Legion models from the Horus Heresy to come; I enjoy mixing the Heresy era patterns of eccentric looking armor alongside the streamlined Primaris marines of modern Warhammer 40000. With a majority of the Primaris units out of the way, the Heresy Ally Detachment will round out my force.

The Salamanders will return…

Wholesome Salamanders art that depicts the nobility of their cause; protecting humanity, not just killing the enemies of mankind. artist: unknown

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