Table Ready: Mhara Gal Dreadnought

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The tainted Contemptor Dreadnought of your dreams/nightmares

I believe I have made it clear that I love Contemptor pattern dreadnoughts. I also Love the Word Bearers. What’s better than a Word Bearers Contemptor you ask? Well, how about a demon tainted Contemptor? Hell yeah. (see what I did there?)

The Mhara Gal is a Contemptor with an interred traitor and infused with the dark energy of the warp, created with the reality splitting badness from the birth of the Ruinstorm. He ignores many terrain rules, as he literally melts the scenery as he moves. His presence hurts the corrupted and Psyker characters and when he dies he rips a hole in reality, killing all those around him when he gets sucked into the warp.

The Mhara Gal was painted to match my Gal Vorbak models. I started out as I do for all of my 17th Legion models, by airbrushing the model (in sub assemblies) with Gal Vorbak Red; I prefer the darker red with the purple tone to it to the standard Khorne red color. It was both fun and slightly frustrating to get all the little details on the model. Bones are stacking out, fleshy and machine cables extend out of corrupted flesh and there are warp energy seems opened up all over his tainted body…

I want another one…

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