Table Ready: Ultramarines Leviathan Dreadnought

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Playing rough with the Word Bearers Contemptor Dreadnought

Obviously I am collecting both a Word Bearers army and an Ultramarines army. This will allow me to play out some Calth battles, as this is the story that I latch on to the most. Also obviously, I will need a big boy leviathan for my 13th to go up against the 17th legion counterpart I have already showcased early in the month. The Leviathan pattern is definitely my second favorite dreadnought chassis after the Contemptor. Designed late in the crusade as a siege weapon, the nearly dead space marine occupying the sarcophagus of the Leviathan is gifted with martial power and armored like a heavy tank to fight on in the emperors name. Only in death does duty end.

And look. He has made a new friend with the Word Bearers Contemptor. They’re playing… Oh. Uh… It appears that the Contemptor fell down. Maybe it is taking a nap. Under the Leviathan’s foot. Insert sad foghorn sound. Take that Traitor.

I had great fun crafting this Dreadnought. Say what you will, but I enjoy resin dreads from Forge World; they have so much character and are super pose-able, unlike the mono-pose sacrifice model on the base. I couldn’t help myself; I just had to put an unused model from my wife’s army (I call it my army, but the Word Bearers were painted for my wife to play). To this day, I have forgotten to glue stripped wires into the shoulder socket of the Contemptor, being so clearly reminded of that fact as I tend to the images in Photoshop. Maybe some day, but it will not be this day.

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