Table Ready: Word Bearers Leviathan Dreadnought

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Bearing the Word of Lorgar and destroying anything in his path

There are couple different things that I am obsessed with all coming together in this one model. I don’t think it is any surprise that I am obsessed with Warhammer. Specifically, I am also sixty-plus novels and many background books into the lore of the Horus Heresy. Of all the traitor Legions from the Heresy, the Word Bearers are definitely towards the top of my list.

Most importantly of all, I LOVE dreadnoughts.

What’s not to love about a warrior that was too stubborn to die, after being mortally wounded. They stick him in a box and make him fight on as a walking tank and is revered by his battle brothers. Leviathans are my second favorite Dreadnought chassis, being walking siege engines. This one is armed with a massive meltagun for cutting through tanks and defensive walls with ease and a massive crushing claw to murder whatever hapless opponent gets in his way. He also has a pair of Martian death rays installed in his chest and phosphex launchers to simultaneously terrorize and incinerate his enemy.

The Word Bearers Leviathan was a joy to paint. I airbrushed him Gal Vorbak red from Citadel because I was looking for a darker blood red color to make sure they didn’t look like 40k World Eaters, since I am likely to get some of those eventually. I also really love the color, and feel the purple undertones looks just right. The Forgeworld transfers were meticulously trimmed and layered to get the fanatical devotion script look I was hoping for.

I painted up the Word Bearers for my wife, Kera. What can I say? She likes the bad guys, and well, they don’t get much more evil than the architects of the Heresy. I ended up painting the whole army before I finished my Heresy era Ultramarines because my primary opponent was working on Blood Angels at that point, and I figured I might as well have a Traitor force to go up against him.

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