Table Ready: AT-ST

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Otherwise known as an All Terrain Scout Transport, but who’s asking…

Nothing says “scout” to me like a 30 foot tall lumbering chicken-legged tank. With lasers. We first saw an AT-ST from a distance in Empire Strikes Back, but the forest moon of Endor is where we really got to see these combat walkers in action. My adolescent brain could barely handle the lumbering gait as they chased the rebels and ewoks through the trees.

The models were fun to build and easy to paint. The most trouble was getting the resin base of the damaged AT-ST to sit flat and allow me to attach the battle damaged resin bits to it. The damaged walker bits were all primed gray separately from the base, along with the lower half and upper half of the combat-ready walker. Both bases were primed tan. An airbrush was used to get three tones of mid, light and lighter gray on the model. A few metallic parts and a bit of blaster damage later and they were done. It literally took longer for the basing material to dry than it did to paint the models themselves; I will stain the base to match my battle mat and weather it along with the rest of the armies when I am done collecting.

I figured, while I was painting the upright and battle ready walker, I might as well paint the damaged walker scenery that they sell. Known as the Downed AT-ST terrain kit, I totally didn’t accidentally buy this and then realized that I bought the wrong thing. Nor can I confirm or deny the fact that I immediately ordered the correct model once this arrived, after a long drawn out string of expletives that will not be repeated here. Regardless, it looks great on the table and the box came with scenario rules to play around the model so happy accident.

I hope the extended warranty covers ewoks

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