Table Ready: Daemonettes of Slaanesh

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So, I Like Purple

Yeah, that is one of the primary reasons I chose Slaanesh. Seriously. I chose my knight house for pretty much the same reason. I liked the color scheme. Also, there is the whole hentai thing with Slaanesh. So, um… yeah. When weighing my options for a daemon detachment to support my Iron Warriors, I landed on Slaanesh. I didn’t care for the Khorne stuff, at least for the time being(I do have two versions of Kharne and bunch of berzerkers). It is all too red. Nurgle was all the way out. Just not a fan. Particularly of the paint scheme. Which left Slaanesh and Tzeentch, and for the latter I neither liked nor disliked the prospect of modeling some of them. Actually I have always liked the Lord of Change models. But I just wasn’t feeling their vibe at the time. Which left Slaanesh.

Visually appealing models with great color schemes, and largely hentai? Sold. Also, I just think that their models are the most interesting in the whole daemons line, if I’m being honest.

In 2020, before the world ended, and after I went on a month and a half long Adepta Sororitas hobby binge, I decided to do a test Daemonette using contrast paints. But first I had to build a box of the Daemonettes. Ugh… Tiny spindly bits with shaky hands was a nightmare. When I moved on to the test model, I was more or less able to complete a whole thing inside of 20 minutes of work. Speed run. Well, not including basing. Contrast was definitely made for models such as these. From there I ended up doing about 25 Daemonettes in a night. And had a blast doing it. I chose a purplish-pink theme for all of them with blues and greys. I mixed up the hair colors with reds. pinks, and whites to make them all pop in a group. And I was really happy with the results. For basing, I used the old ‘flock’ method from back in the day. As opposed to using texture paints. I painted glue on the base and dipped it in a bowl of rocks. Simple but effective. Great to see the classics don’t die.

I think they look pretty impressive together in a group.
Kinda curious what sound that makes…

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