Table Ready: Epidemius the Tallyman

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This was a kit-bashed project for Epidemius, Nurgle’s Tallyman.  For those that don’t know, Epidemius is tasked by Grandfather Nurgle to go forth and count the multitude of plagues and diseases unleashed upon the galaxy or Mortal Realms, depending on your flavor of Warhammer.

I don’t play with named characters in any lists unless the list specifically calls for that character from a lore perspective.  It’s nothing against named characters, but my thought is that they’re preoccupied with greater responsibilities anywhere else.  Compared to that my little slice of the Imperium (in my case) isn’t worth their time or attention.  But since I enjoy all things Grandfather I knew I wanted to at least paint and put him on with my other Nurgle daemons.

The original model has always been lacking for me.  It’s OK, but it doesn’t display a sense of dynamism and presence to me.  A model doesn’t have to be animated to achieve this, but especially when it comes to a named character there needs to be a sense of gravitas surrounding them.  So in this case I set about creating my own.

The palanquin is made from leftover Nurgling stands and small pieces of square dowel rod I had laying about.  Epidemius’ body is made from an extra Lord of Plagues model, the head is the Champion head from the Plaguebearer kit, and the scythe and extension is from the Maggoth Lord kit.  At some point I want to add additional scrolls and moldering books, but for now he’s ready to take to the field in the name of the Plague God and continue his service across the stars.

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