Table Ready: Ork War Buggy (Rogue Trader cir. 1990)

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The Goofy Roots Of The Space Orks

Complete With Ruptured Eardrums**

*Yes I know it says ”Attack” Buggy in the original listing. Not ”War” Buggy. **Do Orks have eardrums?

Space Orks have always been goofy. With their toothy grins and suspect concepts regarding weapon management and development. I happened upon this gem in the early 2000’s. It came in an eBay lot of old pewter orks that I found at a steal of a price. At first I thought it was a knock-off of some kind. But, after some internet sleuthing, I would discover that this thing was actually from the original Rogue Trader catalogs. That box was full of Rogue Trader and 1st edition pewter. These Boyz even have names. That ”Small Buggy” was beyond wacky looking.

Big gun. Tiny wheels. Space Orks.

Is it me, or was this model stupid cheap compared to current prices?

I had made an attempt to paint this piece back in the early 2000’s when I was working on my Orks. But as you can see, it was just… awful… Vomit inducing, awful. The buggy would stay in this condition for the better part of 20 years. Until the COVID lockdown of 2020 when I was looking for projects to maintain my sanity. After stripping the crappy craft paint and rattle-can car paint off as best I could, I was able to put some pretty decent coats on it. Afterwards, I decided to base the model, because it is a relic from another age, and I wouldn’t be tabling it.

I think it looks just a little better than my previous attempt to paint it.
I modeled the base with cork to make it appear that the buggy is off-roading. That way it wasn’t just sitting on a boring base.
That twin-linked bolter is just a little close to Loblot’s head. Hopefully he has some good ear plugs.

I still have a bunch more Rogue Trader and early edition Orks. Some finished, some still pewter silver. Others were painted by the original owner. Someday, I would like to get them all painted and together in my display case. The key word is ‘Someday’. That ’someday’ also applies to the over 150 2nd edition Space or Goffs and Gretchin I have in a rifle case in my closet too.

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