Table Ready: Beast of Nurgle

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I call him Tyson Jr 😉

I love this model. He is super cute and so happy; he has two smiles for you. Yes, one is in his belly but that just adds to his charm. He has a rocking hairdo that Tyson is super jealous of! (Grumble – Tyson)

he’s so fluffy

He is always ready to play. It makes him sad when people he is playing with suddenly stop moving… Yes maybe he plays with them to death, but it’s not his fault. So the beastie finds a new playmate. Honestly, he just wants to have fun, maybe you shouldn’t be a pansy Ultramarine or Dark Angel. (Geez. Another jab – Tyson)

I painted him to have a similar feel to my Great Unclean One, but I got to experiment with crazy pink hair tentacles? Tubules? Maybe just weird gross hair things. Their 9th edition rules were just previewed and I am glad I have another one to build. Now I just need to find him in our room of shame.

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