Table Ready: Wolverine and Sabretooth

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We’re not allies, CreedNever have been. Never will be

I am no comic historian, but I would venture a guess that the feud between Wolverine and Sabretooth may be the longest running in all of Marvel lore. Dating back to the 1800’s. James Howlett and Victor Creed, both Canadian born mutants. Both assumed to have been born in the first third of the 1800’s. The feud began after Logan killed Creeds brother, and from there escalated over the coming decades and century. Across multiple continents.

My first exposure to Wolverine was in the comics. Though with the exception of picking up Weapon X #1, I didn’t know too much about the characters origin and past. Regardless, he was my favorite mutant. A feral dude with a metal skeleton and metal claws that literally come out of his hands. Badass. It wasn’t until the early 1990’s X-Men cartoon that I fully got into his deeper backstory. And it was in that cartoon that I was also introduced to Sabertooth. He always seemed to show up at the most inopportune time for Logan. Always made for good entertainment.

When I picked up the Crisis Protocol box set, it stood to reason that the first expansion I was going to buy would be this one. What a perfect pairing for a game of unlikely team-ups. Even though the two have teamed up before in various universes. I painted these two using contrast and layer paints. For Wolverine’s yellow I used contrast and then layer paint on top of that. And for his blues I did the same, but in reverse order. I used the contrast paint over the layer as a deep shade. For Sabretooth, I used predominately contrast yellow and brown. Which worked really well for him. The white of his maine is a base paint color that was dirtied up with watered down Earthshade. After drybrushed with some white. I think these may be the first models in which I have painted teeth.

These two are posed so well. Wolverine is standing there like, ”Come on!” and Sabretooth is all like, ”You got it!”.

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