Caltrops: Lego Infinity Gauntlet

I am… Inevitable

Thanos, the Mad Titan succeeded in his goal of wiping out masses of living beings across the known galaxies. And along with those billions, went many of the superheroes that were tasked to protect the worlds.

Though not exactly to scale the Lego Infinity Gauntlet is a nice little showpiece. Perfect for a Marvel corner of your display case. the fingers are flexible. Giving you the ability to have a little fun with how you pose the hand. I had quite a bit of fun posing mine. It is surprisingly useful.

Lego recently announced the Nano Gauntlet. The Avengers answer to the Infinity Gauntlet. I can see myself picking it up at some point to go opposite this one on my shelf.

The Slap
The Snap
The Metal
The F**k Off

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