Caltrops: Lego Mjolnir

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, 

shall possess the power of Thor.” 

I’ve been excited for the release of Thor: Love and Thunder for a while now. Particularly after how good Ragnarok was. However, in terms of comics, aside from Ultimate Thor, I’ve never ready any of the original Stan Lee, Larry Leiber, Jack Kirby comics. But the MCU movies have definitely been outstanding, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed them. Yeah, even The Dark World. It had it’s moments and wasn’t all… awful.

Love and Thunder brings Thor’s seemingly long-lost, only to be mentioned in passing, love interest Jane Foster back into the fold. But she’s back with a heavy hand(and hammer), as The Mighty Thor. So when I saw a collected version of the source material at my comic shop, I made sure to pick it up. Because that looks like an interesting story in comic form.

Also. More Korg. A little Korg is good. More Korg is better.

Korg, for a Disney+ series!

Some time ago, Lego announced the 979 piece Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir(76209). And I was just about drooling to own it. Though admittedly, I was expecting it to be a little bit smaller. It is massive, and a lot more solid than I was expecting too. I was also honestly expecting it to be kind of flimsy. Particularly when swinging it around the house. And yeah, I’ve been swinging it around the house a lot. But to my delight, it is rather solid. Not so much where the strap connects to the handle though. That comes right off. So looks like I won’t be swinging it around to fly any time soon. Dammit…

The base, that it nestles into, is quite large. In terms of surface area. But is not anything special. The hammer just sits on the base loosely. I was actually expecting it to be attached for stability. At least that’s what I thought by looking at the promotional pics. An extra that is included along with the Thor Minifig is a small display of Odin’s treasures. The Infinity Gauntlet, the Tesseract, and Odin’s Fire. You are apparently able to put it inside the hammer itself for storage. I will say, that I didn’t try, but also it didn’t quite look as if you could easily do so. As you have to remove panels from the side of the hammer. So, I just assume display it.

After taking these photos, I felt the need to test to see if it Mjolnir would return to me when thrown. Yeah… Still waiting…

It may or may not currently be in a dense bush 3 floors below our living room window…

Damned Odin, and your false words of inspiration….

*I did not throw a Lego hammer out of my window

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