Table Ready: Guardians of the Galaxy – v1.0

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Are They Brigands? Are They Heroes? Are They A Bit Of Both?

I found myself with the Marvel: Crisis Protocol Core box in hand, models assembled and painting was underway. I asked Kera what guys she would want, but, in reality I had no need to ask. I should have just ordered the Guardians of the Galaxy models for her.

Neither my wife nor I had any experience with this team of miscreants before the MCU movie debuted. Going in with low expectations, all we expected was to be entertained for a while, and instead we got a movie that we would watch regularly. The characters are great. The music is wonderful. The action is fun, and it’s a nice little sci-fi romp with enough personality and uniqueness that it will hold a special place in my heart at least, for a long time.

You Said It Yourself, Bitch. We’re The Guardians Of The Galaxy.”

So, here they are. Our Guardians of the Galaxy collection as of now. I’m sure more will come out, just as I am sure we will end up with them painted and hanging out in our collection.

Guardians of the Galaxy Collection v1.0

I got all four Guardians Kits for my wife right away. The Star Lord expansion was fun to put together and a blast to paint. I worked quite a while trying to get the redish color to the leather of his jacket just right; several light washes over a contrast paint got me where I wanted to be.

The first expansion we bought was Rocket and Groot. Groot ended up being a contrast and a wash: easy peasy. Rocket turned out to be several brown contrast paints, and also a pain in the ass. The model is small, and the zenithal highlights were not done as well as they should have for the volume of the small mini, leaving some awkward areas very dark where I was supposed to be putting yellow. It all worked out in the end but took more effort than several other models combined.

Gamora and Nebula were put off until the end. I was hesitant about them for some reason. Gamora was easier than expected, with ghost white from the Reaper paint range used to brighten up her armor panels and contrast used for her skin and hair. Nebula on the other hand was many coats of vibrant buy ill-covering contrast paints to get the two-tone purple she is shown in.

Both Drax and Ronan were fairly easy. The only non-contrast paint I used (aside from all of their bases) was the red for the tatoos and the metallic for the blades and hammer. An experiment in how different the greens of the range are, Ronan isn’t very thrilling but nor is he a character I was very interested in having. So it worked out fine. Drax is fun, with his bright white eyes in contrast to the saturated colors of the green skin and red designs.

in the future I hope to see Yondu, Mantis, and Nova for the team. Eventually, when I work on the Asgardians, I will get Angela, whom works with both groups to fill out the Guardians of the Galaxy roster for my Wife. Until then…

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