Table Ready: Team Asgard – v1.0

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Odinson’s, Odinsdottir’s To Arms! Asgardian’s Unite

When I began working on Crisis Protocol minis in late 2021, I really wanted to paint up all of the Thor universe models for a team pool. Which at the time was 3 sets of two characters. In terms of expansion sets, they were: Thor and Valkyrie, Loki and Hela, Angela and Enchantress. These models all have a lot of character and charm points. I also think they are some of the best that I have seen thus far in the Crisis Protocol model spectrum.

In all of the Crisis Protocol models I have painted, I think these six have been to most fun. A lot of different greens were used on the villain side. Which contrasts with darker tones(or brighter with Angela) on the hero side.

Thor and Valkyrie

Thor’s pose is perfect. Calling down the thunder and lightning. And they did a great job with the size of his model. He is quite large. His massive flowing cape adds a lot to the aesthetic too. Valkyrie’s pose is also great. Her dual wielded swords poised to strike/defend. Both models painted up pretty easily, as they have similar armor. I had to take care when working on the skin though. Because I tend to screw up skin and faces. I decided to not do the lightning effect in Thor’s eyes for that very reason. Valkyrie’s skin may be a little too dark, because I tried a different shade of flesh paint for her. But I am happy with how she came out.

Loki and Hela

Loki and Hela bring a lot of greens to the table. So I tried to keep those standard. And instead of using too many different color greens, I tried various green shades and contrast paints as shades. Hela’s flames were multiple layers of Hexwraith Flame over Corax White. I also tried to blend some green into her blacks. So they weren’t just stark black. Loki’s ice was done with two different blue paints, and two different contrast paints. Followed by dry brushing.

Of the current six models in the Asgard pool, Hela is my least favorite. I don’t dislike it. It is a great looking model. But I just think it could have been a little better.

Angela and Enchantress

Angela sticks out the most of the Asgard models. Actually, I think hers is one the most dynamic models in the Crisis Protocol lineup. She was not easy to paint, as she is suspended up by her ribbons. They kind of have a spring-like quality to them. I didn’t want her armor to be blinding. So I warmed it up. Her ribbons have runes inlaid into them. I tried to paint them individually, but it just wasn’t working. I’m just no good at that kind of thing. I ended up using a shade in the recesses. Someday, I would like to fix that. Enchantress(not an Odinsdottir) brings all the green back into play. So I went back to the patterns I made for Loki and Hela. For her smoky green flames I used a lighter color and washed it with Biel-tan shade before drybrushing over it. I am really happy with how her cape turned out.

Team Asgard Going Forward

Photo taken in Spring 2022 at Tyson’s following couple days of getting to know the game system.

I titled this team, Team Asgard 1.0 because teams evolve, and new models also get released. Atomic Mass recently announced another expansion coming to aid the gods of Asgard. Heimdall and Skurge. So I will be picking them up as well in the future and then updating this entry. I would also like to see The Warriors Three(Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg) added to the lineup someday. As well as Heimdall’s sister, Lady Sif. I can also see them adding Asgardian warriors to the mix. Kind of like they did with the mob units of Hand Ninja and Agents of SHIELD.

A team pool is about 10 characters. With the coming addition of Heimdall and Skurge, that will put me at 8 Asgardian models. I will probably pick up an expansion from the Guardians of the Galaxy to augment this team until Atomic Mass releases enough models for a full 10 piece pool.

Most likely Rabbit and Tree (Rocket and Groot.)

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