Table Ready: Iron Hands Redemptor

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He’s Back in Black (and Silver)

Dreadnoughts got a good boost in power with the rules changes for 9th edition Warhammer 40k, and when the dust cleared it seemed that the Redemptor was generally seen as the best for the points. No, it doesn’t have an invulnerable save like the Contemptor or the Leviathan. It makes up for the lack of defense with a hell of an offense. Macro-plasma Annihilator. That just sounds dangerous, along with an underslung minigun, nipple mounted storm bolters and a missile pod on his head for pulling jets out of the sky. Watch this guy get into melee and he becomes even deadlier, as his fist is capable of killing many characters in a single hit, and is capable of killing any character I know of in two hits.

True to form, I was working on an Iron Hands ally detachment for Horus Heresy. You know, a small little force to accompany my larger army, which let’s me collect a few models from that Legion without getting carried away. Half way through that I decided I could get a functional 40k army out of them with a few Primaris units. A few units later and I have a playable 40k force. I got sidetracked and haven’t made it back to the heresy era Iron Hands yet.

I’m sure I will get back to the Heresy Iron Hands collection. Just like I am sure, no matter how much I intent to avoid it, I will end up with more Iron Hands for 40k as well. That’s just how these things go, you know?

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