Table Ready: Bray’arth Ashmantle

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He Enjoys Long Walks On Cooling Lava Flows

And Hugging Warbosses To Death

What’s cooler than a Dreadnought you may ask? Well, I would venture that a fire wreathed Dreadnought Character would fit the bill. Bray’Arth Ashmantle is the current resident of a Castraferrum (that’s a word, I swear) dreadnought frame titled the Iron Dragon. According to the Imperial Armour Book (yeah, they’re British, so there is a “u” in there), it is theorized that Vulkan, the Primarch of the Salamanders Legion forged the dreadnought himself.

The Forgeworld model is absolutely beautiful and totally badass. It was originally created for the Badab War that took two Imperial Armour books to cover the whole story. There are fire, dragon and forge motifs all over the highly detailed armor. He comes equipped with crush-anything-to-death claws, integral crazy-flamers within the claws and enough rage to count as a pistol weapon capable of burning his opponents to death in melee before his claws get to them.

While the model is gorgeous, he hasn’t had a lot of opportunities to parade around a wargame table. There was one game though that he made his points back and then some. My Salamanders were losing to orks. I had to turn it around this turn or I was done. After a super lucky overwatch with a multi-melta burnt a warboss on bike to death in the first half of the round, I was feeling lucky. In my half of the turn, I moved Bray’Arth into crazy-flamer range of a buggy and nuked it in one go and then made a nearly impossible long-bomb charge. After rerolls, Ashmantle murdered the 2nd ork Warboss, which was the actual warlord, with exactly the damage needed to kill him. I’m pretty sure I won the game, but it mattered not at that point; I had the moral victory and earned some glory for the 18th Legion.

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