Table Ready: Telemon Heavy Dreadnought

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It’s like being crushed underfoot by a giant beautiful but angry statue

Following the good times of posting a Dreadnought crushing one of my wife Kera’s unused models. Today we bring the mighty Telemon Heavy Dreadnought and an unfortunate Plague Marine.

A Telemon pattern Dreadnought frame is a masterpiece of ancient technology and only the most physically and mentally powerful Custodian will be interred in the rare piece of equipment to fight on to protect the Emperor of Mankind. The model is a serious pile of resin, and the model played well enough to see table time whenever I played the Adeptus Custodes in 8th edition.

Gross. I got something gooey on my foot…

This Forgeworld kit was a cinch to build honestly. The gates were very reasonable due to being composed of medium sized pieces. This allowed for few but reasonable paths for the resin to flow into and were not difficult to remove cleanly with a dremel and some time with a file or two. I don’t even recall needing to heat up and bend any pieces to make them work. Best of all, the arm sockets came with depressions set in to accept a magnet; no work, no fuss, glue a magnet in and go.

Basing is one of my weakest points in regards to the building and painting aspect of the hobby. So I decided to put a little more effort into the presentation of this glorious model. We had some spare terrain bits from kits that were mostly used up years ago, and a spare Plague Marine was sacrificed from our pile of shame.

The Base, the model, and the arms/bolter pod were left in sub assemblies, the base primed grey and the dread primed gold. I went a little heavy on the silver dry brush to make it look a little more aged and stand out from the warmer gold of my custodian army.

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