Table Ready: Ultramarines Contemptor

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Smurf robot go pew pew. Traitor tanks go bye bye.

It’s clear by this point in the month that I enjoy Contemptor Dreadnoughts. Turns out I also have a soft spot for the Ultramarines, which might be why I have about 9k worth painted up for 40k. Well, this Plastic to Painted article includes both. And Lascannons.

This Relic Contemptor is a veteran of the 13th legion, who could have fought on Terra during the Unification Wars before moving into the galaxy to purge the Xenos and reconnect with lost human societies. Did he fight alongside Guilliman or was he interred to fight on before contact was made with the 500 Worlds of Ultramar? All I know is that is shows up for battle with a pair of twin-linked lascannons and is ready to turn some 17th Legion armored vehicles to slag in the name of the Emperor.

The sheer amount of customization when posing a Forgeworld Contemptor makes building them quite rewarding. This one looks like he might fit in on the side of a bottle of rum or something.

The Macragg blue was airbrushed on. The white was fun to pain. Trust me. I’m not even being sarcastic or anything. All jokes aside, the shoulders and head where primed grey separately for ease (I find the white primer not to my liking). They were painted with Celestia Grey in super thin coats, then layered with Ulthuan grey, finally highlighted with White Scar, all in painfully thin layers. This was a fun model to paint and its quite fun to bust some tanks from across the board with this guy.

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