Table Ready: 2nd Ed. Chaos Space Marine Dreadnoughts

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Nestled Somewhere Between Heresy and Helbrute

I admit that I get too set in my ways, and that I don’t like change. With that, I never cared for the name change that they in introduced to the CSM dreads. Helbrute. But I definitely understood it. It’s CHAOS!! HELL!! SCARY!! DEMONS!! When GW redesigned the model line, they made them all more daemonic. Because, why not? But up until recent years, I never embraced that full-on daemonic look. I was a traditionalist when it came to my CSM. I wanted my Marines to retain that similar look of their Loyalist brothers. Of course they would have their spiky-bits and heretical markings. But my CSM would never be a daemonic army of half warp-twisted abominations. Probably.

The oldhammer CSM dreads have a certain sinister-ness to them. Name change or not. There is just enough “chaos” about them to make them stand out from the loyalist versions. In the grand historical GW army list, I think their design fits well directly in between the Heresy-era dreads and the Helbrutes.

In terms of painting these heavy pewter death boxes, I followed my usual Iron Warriors template. With lots of Nuln Oil. Simple is always better for Iron Warriors. The only major difference is, that I decided to paint the plasma coils blue on the second one. I decided later on in my Iron Warriors army build that I would paint my plasma coils red. So I need to go back in at some point and update this model.

I used GW scenic bases for these dreads. These models were not released with bases in their original boxes. All that pewter weight was expected to balance on those two small feet. Not so much. If you wanted to base them, one would usually glue a rectangle cavalry base to each foot. Which looked silly. But helped ease a lot of frustration.

These things, in no way shape or form, could ever stand on their own on a table without a base. Unless you had zero terrain.

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