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Stop Touching Things

I absolutely loved The Mandalorian. I was taken by it immediately. Particularly because it is heavily influenced by Japanese samurai movies from the 1970’s and before. I am a fan of Akira Kurosawa’s movies. Specifically those starring Toshiro Mifune. But it did not solely draw inspiration from Kurosawa. The Mandalorian without a doubt drew inspiration from Lone Wolf and Cub.

The Child drew the attention of Star Wars fans in the hype before the initial release, and was dubbed Baby Yoda almost immediately. And that peaked my interests as well. Plus, baby Grogu, as he would soon to be known, is insanely cute. So it went without saying that when I got back in to building Lego, and I saw this kit on the website, I would be buying it.

And here we are. The ears, hands, fingers, and mouth are moveable. The head is to an extent as well. So you can create our own cute Grogu pose. The arms are not posable. So the left arm will always be up, and the right down.

Grogu Inception

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