First Contribution

Division 2 Is Still Worth Your Time

The Division 2 is similar to the first game, but unlike its predecessor, has you rampaging through Washington D.C. instead of New York City. The game has been out for a few years and you may be wondering if the game is worth taking up a three-year old game and this article is here to tell you why it is.

Why I Made a Necron Army

As he (too) often does, Tyson bought some models. This time it was the Indomitus box, which came with some more boring marines as usual. I knew that those would be his since he likes that crap, maybe too much. The other half were some funky looking robot dudes, I told the husband maybe I should try my hand at them.

Dungeons And Dragons

I have always been hesitant to play Dungeons and Dragons. This is NOT because I was poisoned by the court of public opinion. I wasn’t worried that I would become some cliché caricature of a nerd complete with thick glasses and pocket protector.