Why I Made a Necron Army

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

As he (too) often does, Tyson bought some models. This time it was the Indomitus box, which came with some more boring marines as usual. I knew that those would be his since he likes that crap, maybe too much. The other half were some funky looking robot dudes, I told the husband maybe I should try my hand at them. He handed me a book titled Necrons and said you have to make some choices, see what you like. From the interwebs it seemed like most people had the green energy army but I was told that color was an ‘army type’ that had other rules all their own. I usually have a hard time picking but there was one that felt, well, just right. The Mephrit Dynasty.

The Mephrit have orange energy, and bright orange happens to have significance for me. Bright Orange is the Multiple Sclerosis color. That seemed like something I could and should stand behind:  as of this article I have been living with MS just over 17 years (I was diagnosed in March of 2005). Seemed like the decision was made for me: this was likely to be my new army.

I get knocked down, but I get up again; You are never gonna keep me down…

But what finally made the decision for me was one of the rules for my main type of warriors. When they fall, they have a chance to get back up. That’s my life, that’s what I do. MS often knocks me down, whether it messes with my sight, my balance or energy level. Just because it knocked me down doesn’t mean I stayed there. Instantly I wanted to build, paint and plan them all by myself, well, after picking my husband’s brain a bit. He usually helps make my list but this time I didn’t want to rely on his help. He was happy with that, to be honest he was probably excited about the idea more than he would let on.

I am not as experienced as he is with all this. Some of the models are spindly little fuckers (lookin’ at you, Flayed Ones). So I did need Tyson’s help a bit sooner than I hoped. But not having consistent feeling in one of my hands for a while was getting in the way. They had been sitting too long not getting built, those little heads are very tiny when you can’t feel half your hand, so I enlisted his help and he was happy to oblige. I have done most of this army myself  though and that makes me pretty freakin proud. I have about 90% done and I will get it finished I hope sooner rather than later. Tyson painted a couple models for a video, too. But, I did most of the work on my Necron army and it means a lot to me. 

I let Tyson paint a few guys for a video, mostly because I didn’t want to have to paint them…

The month of March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness month. It’s a highly variable disease that can be more and more debilitating over time, or, it could just be annoying and make me exhausted.  I wanted to write a longer article about my trouble with MS and gaming, but even after all these years sometimes it’s hard to get the words out; it just didn’t come together as I wanted. I am still working on it, I hope to get it down to share at some point in the near future, so stay tuned for more.

As for the Necron army, I will try to get a Project Complete article about them at some point. I also am looking forward to getting back to my super cuddly army, the Death Guard. They’re so cute…

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