Alpha Legion

Table Ready: Alpha Legion Flamer Support Squad

Need a light?  Did you know my favorite song is Light My Fire by The Doors?*  Uh…um…Smokin’…?  I know that last one was really reaching.  Sorry not sorry for the Dad level fire related jokes.  They say comedy comes in threes.  Ugh…just come in and take a look at the Alpha Legion Flamer Support Squad I painted.

Table Ready: Alpha Legion Despoiler Squad

While similar to their Tactical Squad brethren, the Despoiler Squad do take and hold ground but with a few tweaks. These guys trade their bolters for bolt pistols and chainswords, and want to get in your face as fast as possible. Come take a look at the Alpha Legion Despoiler Squad I painted to secure the Hydra’s interests.

Table Ready: Alpha Legion Praetor

True leaders and heroes of both Imperial and Traitor forces, Praetors can be a huge asset to any force they join. Whether it’s in direct combat or in a supporting capacity, the skills and experience a Praetor can provide are invaluable. I recently painted one up for my Alpha Legion force and am excited to show it off.