New Year, New Army: Alpha Legion Main Force – Update 3

The Road So Far…

Before I start, I guess I should catch people up on goings-on.  I started this little project around the first of the year and based it off completing the Horus Heresy Army of Darkness core box I purchased in the fall of 2022.  You can read more about the impetus for the project and general information on project management here.  Of course, there have also been a few updates along the road.  If you’re interested, you can read about NYNA Update 1 and NYNA Update 2 at the respective links. 

But to sum everything up in the true TLDR fashion, I’ve made substantial progress over the past, roughly, nine months and am quickly closing in on my target goals.  This is super exciting for me as I hardly ever complete painting projects.  Plus, it gives me a lot of motivation to move into other projects.  But I’m getting ahead of myself a little.  Let me take a quick step back and show you what I’ve accomplished.

What’s Been Completed?

First off, I need to remind folks that this was a dual project.  The first was to complete a 1K Zone Mortalis list, and the second was to complete a 2.5K general Heresy list.  All of this was with the understanding that I’d use a majority of the models from the Horus Heresy Army of Darkness core box for each force.  First up is the 1K ZM list.  The list consisted of the following:

  • HQ: Praetor in Cataphractii Armor
  • Compulsory Troop: Tactical Squad (x15), power fist, vexilla
  • Troop: Rotor Cannon Tactical Support Squad (x10)
  • Elite: Cataphractii Terminator Squad (x6)
  • Elite: Contemptor Dreadnought, Gravis power fist with in-built heavy flamer x2

Based on my original timeline, I wanted to get this portion finished and a couple of games in by June.  Even after a bit of a stutter-step with calculating points, I managed to get everything built, painted, and on the table by March.  I was able to totally crush that goal and this accomplishment helped to keep motivation high going into late spring and through the summer months.  I knew those times would be difficult as I had several family commitments, and throw into the mix interviewing for a new job.  Things were stressful, but in the end, everything worked out for the best.

And that brings me to the 2.5K general game list.  This list consisted of the following:

  • HQ: Praetor in Cataphractii Armor
  • HQ: Vigilator Consul
  • Compulsory Troop: Tactical Squad (x20), power fist, vexilla
  • Compulsory Troop: Tactical Squad (x20), power fist, vexilla
  • Troop: Recon Squad (x5), Nemesis bolter x3
  • Elite: Contemptor Dreadnought (x2), autocannon, power fist/plasma blaster
  • Elite: Quad Launcher x2
  • Elite: Apothecary
  • Heavy Support: Tyrant Siege Terminator (x7), chain fist (x2)
  • Transport: Spartan Assault Tank
  • Heavy Support: Kratos Heavy Assault Tank; lascannon sponsons, hull-mounted autocannons
My last two chonky bois completed.  Plus a couple of different weapon options.

As you can tell, I had some similarities to the ZM list for a few models, but mostly these were all brand new.  Now that we’re sitting in October, I’ve completed the following out of the 2.5K list:

  • HQ: Cataphractii Praetor
  • HQ: Vigilator
  • Compulsory Troop: Tactical Squad (x20), power fist, vexilla
  • Troop: Recon Squad (x5), Nemesis bolter x3
  • Elite: Apothecary
  • Heavy Support: Tyrant Siege Terminator (x7)
  • Transport: Spartan Assault Tank

I’d argue that’s not too bad, but there’s a bit of nuance to the word ‘completed’ in this case.  For my first witness I call my Contemptor Dreadnoughts to the stand.  I have three Contemptors completed so far, two have fists with plasma blasters, and one has an autocannon.  In my infinite wisdom (or really lack thereof) I magnetized and painted the third Contemptor to have dual lascannons.  So really all I need to do is build, magnetize, and paint a second set of autocannons and we’re off to the races.  A pretty simple task all things considered. 

For the second Tactical Squad, Quad Launchers, and Kratos, I have everything built and primed.  Plus, I started on the Tactical Squad recently.  My goal is to get them and the Launchers completed by the end of the month, and then take my time with the Kratos.  However, if my Spartan is any indicator on how fast vehicles can get knocked out, I may be able to get everything completed by the end of the month.  I doubt it, but it may be worth a shot. 

Lastly, the Tyrant Siege Terminators are sans chain fists.  It’s a small thing and I’ve painted all of my Cataphractii models, so the chain fist piece won’t be a reality.  Throw into the mix not really enjoying painting these models and you’ve got a recipe for probably won’t ever happen.  But who knows?  I may get a box of Cataphractii down the line and have a couple of models leftover to do this with.

Converted Tyrant Siege Terminators.  Launchers from Anvil Industries.

Got Anything Else Tucked Away You’re Not Sharing?

Why, I’m certainly glad you asked.  As a matter of fact, I do have quite a bit of extra hobby completed I have yet to share.  While all of this has/is/and will be going on, I’ve finished the following:

  • Praetor in Power Armor
  • Centurion in Cataphractii Armor
  • Chaplain Consul
  • Champion Consul
  • Praevian Consul
  • Kit-bashed Castellax Robot
  • Cataphractii Terminator Squad (x5)
  • Tartaros Terminator Squad (x5)
  • Tartaros Terminator Squad (x5)
  • Headhunter Squad (x5)
  • Headhunter Squad (x5)
  • Despoiler Squad (x10)
  • Despoiler Squad (x10)
  • Recon Marines (x5)
  • Flamer Tactical Support Squad (x10)

Plus, I’ve got a few more models built, primed, and on the table just waiting for paint:

  • Tactical Squad (x5)
  • Predator Tank, lascannon turret and sponsons
The Headquarters section in all their glory. Front L-R: Praetor in Power Armor and Praetor in Cataphractii Armor.
Back L-R: Chaplain Consul, Vigilator Consul, Champion Consul, Centurion in Cataphractii Armor.

The force organization is also being tweaked slightly for the Tactical Squads.  My plan is to run three units of 15 Marines so those left over 5 dudes will be absorbed into a fighting unit.  Overall, I’d say the Hydra has numerous options both completed and inbound to support its operatives.  Once I have all my current models painted, I should have nearly 5.6K points in the collection.  In addition, I’ve started taking steps to outline my next phase of the project.  The initial pickup looks like the following for now:

  • Rhino (x2)
  • Predator (x2)
  • Quad Launcher
  • Spartan Assault Tank
  • Sicaran Tank (unsure if I want to go regular or a Venator)
  • Exodus
  • Lernean Terminators (x10)
  • Alpharius (because every Legion player should have their Primarch-Daddy)
Recon squad ready for action.  Nemesis Bolters converted from extra bits laying around; all scopes, laser sights, and suppressors from Anvil Industries.

With fluctuations that brings me to about 2.4K additional points, and would bring the collection to roughly 8K points total.  Which isn’t too bad if you ask me.  And, ultimately, Phase 3 (I’m certain there’s a Phase 3 in the next couple of years) would see the collection come to about 10K points.  Now this isn’t to say that I wouldn’t ally in different factions, but I think 10K points would be my limit for any collection.  I feel it not only gives me a lot of toys to play with, but also gives me a lot of flexibility on what my force organization options are.  Which I think for any army (but especially the Alpha Legion) isn’t a bad thing to have.  My initial thoughts are some sorely needed Fast Attack choices, and maybe a bit more anti-armor punch but this is still a way off.

Praevian and first counts as/converted Castellax.

Final Thoughts and Musings

The last thing I’d like to talk about are future projects.  While there are numerous projects I could undertake, the one I started working on in tandem with the Alpha Legion is revisiting my first Heresy army: the Death Guard.  The Death Guard tick all the right boxes for me:

  • Solid lore?  Check.
  • Appealing color scheme?  Check.
  • Aligned play style?  Check.
  • Super cool if not somewhat spoopy Primarch?  Definite check.

I could keep going, but you get the idea.  In its current state I have about 3K points of, well, nothing in particular.  I have a couple of big infantry blocks, some infantry riding around in Rhinos, a Dreadnought, their Primarch-Daddy Mortarion, etc., but nothing that really brings the force together.  That said, I opted for a 3K list built around the Creeping Death Rite of War.  And the coolest part?  I only needed to buy a second Contemptor to finish off the list because I have everything else I wanted already.  Way to use your resources, me. 

Sure, I need to build and paint a few things, but I think it should go quickly.  However, there’s one tiny caveat to the whole thing: I need to rebase and repaint all my existing models to fit the scheme.  As they are now the force is white and green, with custom muddy bases.  Fortunately, I’m opting to go almost full Contrast and washes on each unit, so the hope is that I’ll just need to reprime the models, paint them quickly to match, then rebase them.  I’ve already completed a kit-bashed Siege Breaker and Master of Signals, and I’ve liked how they come out so far.  I’ve never really used Contrast before, let alone at this scale, so it should be a pretty interesting experiment to say the least.

Squad of Tartaros Terminators ready for action.

But for now, it’s back to Alpha Legion to try and put this project to bed.  Stay tuned here for at least one more update before the end of the year.  Until next time: Hydra Dominatus.


A New England transplant that originated from parts westward, Ryan is a bit of a nerd that knows a little bit about a lot of things, all while claiming to know nothing about anything.  Seemingly part Khajit a logistician by trade, he’s the kind of guy that can get you virtually anything if there’s coin to be had a problem to solve.  Ryan began to learn the scrounging arts while serving time in parts east as a Loggie and has been perfecting them steadily over several decades.  He has a problem with continually purchasing models, paints, and terrain that he doesn’t really need but his wife doesn’t seem to mind.

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