Table Ready: Alpha Legion Contemptor Dreadnought

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Stomp and Smash. Smash and Stomp.

Taking a quick step back I originally promised Robert a Star Wars P2P on the Y-Wing or Air Speeder I painted a while back.  But being completely honest I utterly lost track of time and now I’m trying to shoe-horn in a Heresy article the day before my P2P is due.  And, yes, you can substitute ‘lost track of time’ for ‘being lazy and playing either too much Division 2 or games of Plunder or DMZ in Modern Warfare 2’ and you wouldn’t be far off.  Video games have been my Achilles’ heel lately.  But I digress.

Where was I again?  Ah, yes.  Dead-killy robots.  While not full-on stomp and smash like an Ork Deff Dread (I have a soft spot for all things Orky), a Contemptor can still make a huge mess of units.  I painted this guy up for my 1K Zone Mortalis list and got to see a little of what he could do in a couple of follow-on games.  I think it goes without saying that this guy performed amazingly well when I finally let him off the chain.  I played my first games of Heresy and Zone Mortalis back in March against Tyson.  I’ll have a follow-up article about the event, but without spoiling too much, I had a blast.  In my first game of ZM this cat simply tore through a ten-man unit of Volkite Breachers like they were nothing.  He flamed them in the shooting phase and then proceeded to just mince the remainder with his Gravis fists.  After two turns of combat there was just nothing left.  I thought it was pretty crazy.

Game two turned about to be a little different.  This time around he first had to punch through a door to get going.  Although not a huge deal, I quickly found out that the giant doors have like six wounds and I could only generate five attacks on the charge.  So at the end of my first turn he pulled a Shining and Tyson’s guys could see his face peeking through the door but not much more.  The door went down pretty quick after that, but this game he faced an opposing Contemptor.  They ended up in melee and proceeded to just beat one another to death.  Eventually there was an epic explosion as they tore one another apart that enveloped a few bystanders from each force.  Needless to say it was absolutely beautiful. 

I also learned a valuable lesson that day: Brutal(3) on those Gravis fists are no joke.

Ultimately I can’t wait for my next games of Heresy and to field this guy again.  I’ve got a second one currently on my paint bench for my 2.5K, and am looking forward to getting him table-ready.  This one will be rocking a fist and autocannons, and looking for those tasty light vehicles and infantry.  He’s also fully magnetized so the loadouts can be easily swapped between games.  If he performs even half as well as his brother there may be several more Contemptors on my shelf in the future. 

Until next time: Hydra Dominatus.

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