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Instead of showcasing a specific kit, today I wanted to feature something that I only learned about recently. It is a service that Lego has started as part of their sustainability initiates called Lego Replay. But what is it?

Simply put, Lego Replay is a brick recycling program. One in which you box up your old/unneeded bricks and send them back to Lego. The company in turn creates boxes of bricks and sends them out to charitable organizations. Specifically ones that support children that are in need of toys and sources of building imagination.

What a great idea!

The process seems fairly simple too, from what I read. All you have to do is: disassemble your kits, place them in a box, and mail them back using the shipping label that they provide. That’s it. You don’t even have to clean the bricks, which is interesting. Considering display kits accumulate a lot of dust in hard to clean spaces. Lego will actually wash the bricks before they send them out to the charities.

You also do not need to include the instruction books. As Lego will not be sending out the same kit that you are donating to them. They will be sending out boxes of random bricks for use in building using the child’s budding imagination.

I am thinking about giving this a shot later in the year, as I have a lot of built kits that I had to relegate to the back of my closet. For more information please follow this link >> Lego Replay

[Images used in this post are iPad screenshots from the Lego website]

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