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Attack Squig > Big Choppa

This 20+ year old pewter model finally received some well-deserved paint during the pandemic. When I bought it all those years ago, there was two versions available. I had the option of Attack Squig or Big Choppa. Of course I went for the Squig! Pretty much all Orks had a Choppa of some sort back then. But none had an Attack Squig. In fact, back then, Squigs were pretty few and far between. They were only sold in blister packs, but I never saw the need for any. This model has a great sculpt. I really like the pose. For either variant really, Choppa or Squig. The same models would later be released in finecast resin, I believe. I think there was also a power claw variant released as well.

It’s funny, I used to really hate pewter models back when I was a fledgling 40K hobby’er. But now that pewter(or white metal or whatever) are rare, I enjoy them. At least compared to most finecast resin versions. Some design studios are still using metal miniatures. Bolt Action/Konflict is, for sure. Newer(last 25 years) metal miniatures have sharper edges than plastic or resin, which creates better details.

I painted this model using a theme that I devised for my Orks back in 2020 using Army Painter colors for the Ork flesh, and Citadel colors for everything else. I then wash the entire model in Agrax Earthshade. For basing, I decided to use the same theme I use for my Chaos Marines, with a brown base and Badlands texture paint. I think this basing scheme looks better on these Orks than the Chaos Marines.

They are both angry. This is one of my favorite Ork faces.
Big fan of his twin guns in the backpack.
The Squig comes attached to the arm, and it actually broke off some time ago. So I had to refit it. And boy was that not fun. Gluing metal with only two thin connector points.

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