Robert – 2022 Hobby Results & Backlog Project Goals

[The Backlog Project was a January 2023 Otherverse Games and Hobbies community project. As such, you may happen across references to Otherverse and see its logos. The goal of the project was to dig into our respective piles of “shame”, select some yet-to-be started/unfinished projects, and see how much we could knock out in one months time.]

A Look Back At My 2022

I feel like 2022 was a return year of sorts for me. I spent most of 2021 in a serious hobby rut that saw me barely able to pick up a brush for the whole year. In the end I only finished 54 models(most of which were done in a month and a half at the end of summer). This result was very disappointing considering that in 2020 I had completed 175 mostly large scale models(knights, a titan, etc).

Though I think that going forward, I probably should not use 2020 as a benchmark. A year locked-down with my hobby desk and a ton of projects was bound to see results. 

So with all that out there, in 2022 I finished… 53 models. Wait. WHAT?! WHAT THE FU…

Marvel Crisis Protocol took up quite a bit of my time in early 2022.

A year of return, ha!

Ok, so on the surface I seemingly did worse than 2021(by one model). But not really, if you delve deeper into things. That 53 model count doesn’t include the terrain I painted for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. So the actual number would be 60, but whatever. It also doesn’t include the various other hobbies and projects I work on. Such as: the months worth of time I spent building two massive Nanoblock castles(the second BxB is due out at some point). Or the numerous Lego models that I built. It also doesn’t count the hours on end I spent typing for this website. 

No, my hobby year of 2022 was much more than just painting little soldiers. So much more.

Some of the most fun I have had painting miniatures was with Crisis Protocol.
The larger scale models are a bit more enjoyable to work on than a Space Marine.

With the year sealed and relegated to history, if we were to talk about putting paint to model, I am quite proud of what I knocked out in 2022. I painted the entire Marvel Crisis Protocol core set and a ton of expansion characters. I really went hard with Marvel minis in the late winter prior to a trip north for games with Tyson. I am looking forward to painting some more from this line.

I also painted a whole Necromunda Escher gang(as well as wrote an almost 7,000 word lore/backstory for my custom gang and its characters, for no other reason than because I was inspired to do so). Well, it isn’t a whole gang. I still have about 15 more built and primed models. But what I did paint is functional on a table. I believe 1,700 credits worth was my final paint tally

The Lycoris Maidens, led by Queen Lillianna V.

To cap the year off strong, I painted two Primarchs. Perturabo and Jaghatai Khan. The former has been in my possession since early 2019. I had a lot of trepidation leading into these two models. But I am ecstatic with the results. The Khan is one of my favorite models now.

The Lord of Iron
The Warhawk

I also finished a small handful of Star Wars: Legion characters for our Star Wars Month festivities. I fell well short of finishing the whole Core Box, but that’s fine. Perhaps this year. The droids should paint up easy enough. And the clones are pretty much a White Scars paint scheme.

So yeah, I think getting around 50 painted models a year out of me is pretty damned good, and I think it is a good goal for me. Considering I apparently have more hobbies than fingers and toes.

My 2023 January Backlog Project

My pool of projects for this month is somewhat of a mishmash of things I have collected in the past few years. While I suspect other members that are participating will have a general theme to their Backlog Project, such as an army or whatnot, my theme is to, more or less, just clean out my closet. This, before I go the nuclear route and start throwing shit in the trash. I’ve done it before, and I will do it again.

What I will attempt to tackle this January.

As you can see, I have a pretty good mix of stuff from various other game studios or model makers. 

  • Warlord Games, Victory At Sea: Battle For The Pacific Core Box Set
  • Tamiya Models, WWII USS Yorktown 1/700 scale model
  • Atomic Mass, Marvel: Crisis Protocol expansion Heimdall & Skurge for my Team Asgard
  • Games Workshop, 5x Bikers in Mk.IV armor for my White Scars
  • Games Workshop, Operative Umbral-Six
  • Games Workshop, my kitbash’ed Warpsmith
  • CreatureCaster, Siren of Ecstasy (my counts as Slaanesh Infernal Enrapturess)
  • Aradia Miniatures, Kickstarter campaign model Hilda

Do I intend to complete all of this in a month? There is not a chance in hell of doing that. But I do intend on trying to knock at least two or three of these out before February hits, and the project comes to a close. I chose this many models to give me options. That way if I tire of something, I can move on to something else. As to what I intend to work on first, I think I may just start at the top of the list. Those Victory At Sea minis have been built and primed for quite some time. 

That USS Yorktown scale model has been calling to me for months as well. Ever since I wrote my Kantai Collection article, which delved into the Battle of Midway where she was lost. Also, the Yorktown was one of the first models I ever really tackled when I was a child. So it feels like I am coming full circle.

I added the bikers last minute, as I was recently having conversations with Tyson about me aspirations for a 30K White Scars army. I’ve had quite a few models primed and waiting for the brush for almost 4 years. Is this the year that I finally build that 30K Scars army? Hmm…

Anyway, let’s see how well I do this month, shall we?


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