Table Ready Feature: Spartan Assault Tank

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Please Apply Liberally When A Land Raider Isn’t Big Enough

Or Isn’t Packing Enough Lascannons

As I previously stated: I love Land Raiders. So, when I learned that there was an upgraded version available, I damn near squealed with delight. Spartan Assault tanks are like Land Raiders on steroids. More lascannons. Bigger hull. And they can disgorge twice as many Space Marines into the heart of the battle via the Assault Ramp. A whole ten man unit of terminators can step out of this thing ready to play. Yeah, this is a thing that was ganna happen no matter what.

Then I learned that it was a resin monstrosity.

So, I only bought two.*

Land raider side doors were left over from the Proteus I painted, so I 3d printed a Word Bearers logo and some candles. I chose not to overdue it.
I am glad that I secured a land raider door set from Forgeworld before they disappeared from existence. This big boy looks way better with them!

Being that my wife also plays, I like to do everything in pairs. When I set off on my Heresy journey I knew I would need a good conflict to set the two opposing forces in and there are quite a few: The Dark Angels fighting the Night Lords in the Thramas Crusade. The Iron Warriors blockade of the Imperial Fists fleet at Phall (hmmm… that would make for some real good Zone Mortalis). Obviously Space Wolves and Custodes slaughtering Thousand Sons on the sands of Tizca.

But For me, it all comes down to Calth, the betrayal and ultimately the rallying of the Ultramarines. And since she likes the bad guys (Kera would say they are just misunderstood, but I don’t think it applies in this case) the Word Bearers would be perfect for the wife. First two Legions chosen. I would paint a few Ultramarines units, specifically the ones I could use in 40k as well, but ultimately I decided on painting the Word Bearers first. Cliff had a Blood Angel legion underway, and since he was the only 30k player I knew at the time, I might as well make a traitor force to oppose him.

Many people do not like working with Resin. It’s heavy, brittle, prone to warping and cast with gates that must be painstakingly removed, somehow without ruining your expensive model. Robert has already taken a great deal of time to discuss Forgeworld resin kits (one of our best Feature Images to this date – I am still ganna buy a fire raptor for both of these Legions).

For me, I like the challenge. It forces me to slow down, spend some extra time on the model and really enjoy the craft aspect of the hobby. Not ganna lie though, on models larger than this I only trust Cliff to clean them up; Titan models are too precious (read: Expensive) for me to just go in, wing it, and keep going. He takes far more care with his models than I do and it shows on the large pieces.

When these models arrived, quite separately in spacetime, both had issues. There were a few damaged tracks on the Word Bearers one. The top and bottom of the Ultramarines tank was warped. This is when I learned to just proclaim “FUCK IT” and toss that shit in boiling water, and shape it like some mystical being, molding reality to my vision.

Both models had Quad Lascannons with splayed barrels; they looked like a blunderbuss from the Looney Tunes, when someone sticks their finger in the barrel. It was easy enough to fix. I ran Kera’s Keurig, just hot water of course, and after a few seconds the painted resin was easy enough to get back to straight.

Showing off my custom Argel Tal; I kinda like him more than the official model…
We have come to kill Word Bearers and chew bubble gum. And we are out of gum.

So here I am, two resin Spartans later. Sure, I can dual-wield them as deadly weapons if someone breaks into my place, but, more importantly, they are poised and ready to deliver some models into the thick of battle. My Ultramrines will likely drop 10 Cataphractii terminators or Guilliman with the Suzerain in tow. Kera will likely have a Tartaros Praetor joining a 10 man/monster blob of Gal Vorbak to bring the pain without worry of getting to their intended target/lunch.

And let us not forget that the plastic Spartan is now available. I have one primed and ready to join my Emperor’s Children Ally Detachment; Fulgrim needs a blingy ride to head into combat; he can’t get dust on his cloak…

* please note, they are now available in plastic, so, I am likely to have one for each legion. Ow, my wallet hurts.

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