Table Ready: Crypt Ghast Courtier

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The Ghouliest Ghoul Of All The Ghoulie Ghouls… Yeah, I Said That

Last time we took a look at the big boi that runs the show for the ghastly hordes of the Flesh-Eater Courts, but today we are looking at the lowliest of the Courtiers that work for the Carrion King: the Crypt Ghast.

Here is my Crypt Ghast enjoying some nom noms; apparently he keeps his meal strapped to his back for ease of enjoyment… no lunchbox required…

One of the things that threw me for a loop early on with the Flesh-Eater Courts army is that the lowest level of characters are actually just made from one of the normal models. The Crypt Flayers, Horrors and Ghouls all create their Courtier from the same model as is used to represent the normal unit on the tabletop. In the case of the Crypt Ghouls, they are given a 32mm base to put the courtier on. Otherwise, it’s just a regular ol’ ghoul. This also forces you to buy another box to replace one model, which isn’t a big deal for a 20 man box. But it is for a kit that contains only 3 models, since you pay for them. Lucky for me, eBay was overflowing with individual models when I needed them.

The other thing that kinda took me aback was just how few actual boxed kits there are for the army. That’s a pain-point I will leave for a future article. But needless to say, aside from a few one-offs, you can make everything the army can field from the Start Collecting box.

Just a turn to the left…
and a turn to the right…

Much like the Abhorrant Archregent from my last Plastic to Painted article, the Ghast Courtier was built upon a chunk of cork and surrounded by skulls to fill the 32mm base the Courtier is afforded. The model was primed gray and then airbrushed a lighter tone of grey. It was then washed with a watered down Athonian Camoshade to tint and shade it without actually turning it green. The skintone was finished with a light drybrushing to bring out the details and help to keep it gray, before the details and blood was done. This is the same exact method I followed to paint a huge pile of ghouls.

The Ghast brought along a few Crypt Ghouls. The Regular Crypt Ghasts are also standing upon a pile of bones, but on a 20mm base.

I would not say these were fun to paint. As it felt like a hobby tax to pay in order to have fun painting the bigger and more enjoyable things. Ryan and I spent a hobby hangout evening painting 40 of these and we got everything but the blood and basing done in one evening, after I spent the afternoon airbrushing them. This certainly made it easier and more enjoyable, you know? Having someone else to share the misery with.

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