Table Ready: Abhorrant Archregent

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A Monster Sitting Upon His Charnel Throne

A few years back, at the culmination of a weekend of 40k with my buddies, before the fun of putting my apartment back together, the four of us dined and talked about the weekend and what would happen in the following year. Few of those plans came together due to COVID happening. And the next, what was to be yearly, gaming gathering didn’t happen.

But one thing that did happen, was that we picked a game for everyone to get into and play the following year. I campaigned for Necromunda. But was overruled( though we just finally started playing that), and we decided upon Age of Sigmar. Ryan and I were finally ready to get over the fact that they literally blew up the Warhammer Fantasy Battle game that I was in the middle of collecting another army for years back(thanks again, GW). So hesitantly I agreed. Mostly because it was 3 to 1 at that point. The other part was that the Ossiarch Bonereapers were just coming out.

I absolutely adore the dynamic action pose of this model, it tells a story of the viscous Archregent so well.

Wait a minute. You said Ossiarch Bonereapers. But this is clearly a fuckin bestial vampire from the Flesh-Eater Courts army. You’re correct. The Bonereapers were so new, that I couldn’t get a feel for how they played. But, while at my FLGS and ready and willing to waste my rent/food money on models, I had a flashback from college.

I was at the biggest game store in the North Eastern segment of the US, likely skipping class to shop for wargaming stuff as a poor college student, and came across the Warhammer Fantasy Battles Vampire Counts army box. Army, Codex. One box. Ready to build and paint, all in one reasonably priced box (yeah, it was 2001 or so, and the box was $300 if I recall correctly). I resigned to buy it, but kept lookin around, as that store was filled with wonders undreamt of.

Then my fucking roommate bought the same Vampire Counts box after I announced for all to hear that I was leaving with.

Fucking motherfucker never even built more than a handful of the skeletons.

Anyway, fast forward nearly two decades and I decide, assuming it was a horde army, but really not knowing how they play, that I was buying the Flesh-Eater Courts ‘start collecting’ set.

Later, I would figure out what I needed to actually play, and lucky for me, a college buddy played them and was able to give me some direction. I was informed that I needed this guy. Without hesitation, or room for discussion, to eBay I went. They later released him individually instead of only being available in one of those dual army starter sets, and now I have an Abhorrant Archregent. His ridiculous name underlines how crazy he is in game. While he fights well, his real use is on the Charnel Throne.

That’s some nice, um, decorating sense you have there

From his throne he can summon a character, a unit of knights, or group of ghouls for free. Because who doesn’t want to add to their endless horde. I use the Archregent to summon a Varghulf Cortier, and my Ghoul King to summon some a unit of Crypt Flayers, and let the two winged units cause havoc while my ghouls and Terrorgheists move in.

Yep, take that.

I had a little fun with the base, building it up with cork, before adding some skulls and covering it with crypt mud. The model was a delight to paint, but I painted him as a sub-assembly apart from the broken piece of architecture to make life easier. He is painted in a light grey, with a warm brown for recess shading to warm him up a little, that way the red wings and gross yellow talons wouldn’t clash with the skin tone.

I painted the Charnel throne in three assemblies. The wall, stairs and platform as one, primed grey, drybrushed and detailed a bit, then the chair and the base each separate. These were primed a tan color, washed and drybrushed before blood was added.

He is waiting for you to trick-or-treat at his house. Don’t worry, it’s safe…

I don’t play Age of Sigmar much, and I haven’t touched these guys in a year or so; they just were not the vampires I wanted. In my head I was making the classic Vampire Counts army. I was wrong, but, no worries, I have a whole Soulblight Gravelords army in the works now, starting with the Cursed City boxset. Mine will appear here soon, but Steven has already shared an amazing article with us, and mine will not surpass his.

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