Table Ready: Kor Phaeron

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Not The Greatest Of Father Figures For A Young Primarch

The Primarch of the Word Bearers was deposited through the warp onto the planet of Colchis. There, he was raised by a fairly shitty father that went by the name of Kor Phaeron. He was such a dick that he was exiled by the Covenant, a group of other religious zealots, for which Kor Phaeron was too much. He schooled young Lorgar in the faith of the Covenant all while being an abusive bastard. Eventually, Lorgar took over pretty much everything on Colchis and somehow he didn’t beat the living snot out of Kor Phaeron.

When the Emperor arrived in a golden light just like Lorgar prophesized, Kor Phaeron was forced into a back-seat role. Although he was given the rank of First Captain of the Word Bearers Legion, he was too old to get the surgical implants necessary to become a full Space marine. He was given a modified suit of Cataphractii Terminator armor to help keep him alive and make him more powerful but he was never more than a half-astartes; this only made his mood worse.

All too willing to manipulate Lorgar to his own purpose, Kor Phaeron was ready to drag Lorgar back to the faith that they abandoned for the Emperor of mankind after their chastisement amongst the ashes of Monarchia, the Perfect City.

But don’t worry (Spoiler Alert!) Roboute Guilliman put his Fist of Dominion through Kor Phaeron’s chest and pulled out one of his hearts. Yeah, I guess he was able to take that surgery of all things. He ran away like a pussy and, well, that’s that.

From the above text, you can tell that I did not care for the character in the lore, which means they did a great job in the books, making him an influential monster. But, he’s still less reviled then Erebus at least.

This Forgeworld model was a bitch to put together; well, really, the model was easy, but the individual lightning claw blades came close to giving me an aneurism. I painted Kor Phaeron in the exact same way I did in the Ashen Circle video, with a Dawnstone base, thinned down grey contrast and highlights doing most of the work.

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