Table Ready: Boss Snikrot and the Red Skull Kommandoz

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Shhh! Be Very Very Quiet. I’m Hunting Guardsmen.

My first 40k army was the Space Orks. I loved the whole concept of them. Well, except the fact it took an hour to set up, 45 minutes to make a movement, 25 minutes to resolve attacks, and an hour and a quarter to put everything away again. Even though I, at one point, owned well over 200 Ork models, I never ended up rounding out an entire army. One of my favorite units from the old skool Ork lineup was one that I never actually tabled. The Red Skull Kommandoz. Led by Boss Snikrot. Bane of the Imperial Guard and the Hive World of Armageddon.

I had gotten my hands on a handful of old early 1990’s Kommando models back in high school. But never did much of anything with them. However, during the COVID lockdown in 2020, I painted up a couple of them as a palette cleanser. I ended up liking them so much that I hit eBay and luckily found some more of those almost 30 year old pewter models. From there I searched for Boss Snikrot. He didn’t have a model back when I was younger. So I was pleased with the model that had been produced for him.

I am not a fan of many of the paint schemes I see for Orks nowadays. Using bright, rich, or vibrant greens for the Ork flesh and whatnot. To me, they look overly cartoon’ey. I try to use warmer skin tones and shades when painting my Orks. To accomplish this I use Army Painter Elf Green and Necrotic Flesh paints then Citadel Agrax Earthshade to darken everything up. I’ve found this combination to be really good for my old Orks.

These pewter models are and about 30 years old. There isn’t much special in terms of their poses. So I tried to make them stand out by varying their camouflage and war paint. I also upgraded them all to 32mm bases.
Nowadays, Snikrot is a resin finecast model. I opted to source out an original pewter model to match his underlings.
The backpack is one of my favorite parts of the model. It has a lot going on. Snikrot’s “knives” are the size of swords and are dubbed “Mork’s Teeth”. Snikrot is a favored son of the calculating Ork God Mork.
The Army Painter + Agrax Earthshade combination works really well for me and my Orks.
I wish there was one or two more models of different poses to add to this group. But I am very happy with this unit as a whole.

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